Best Orca Photos

Best Wild Life Photos

We have had so many great photo opportunities with the marine life in the Salish Sea the past two months that we think that it would be unfair if we didn’t share with everyone. So please enjoy our best wild life photos of the summer so far.IMG_0731


Best Humpback Photos

We were lucky enough to enjoy two beautiful days in July hanging out with some magnificent Humpback Whales. We are always so grateful to be able to see this huge animals come through out waters in the middle of the summer.IMG_7281IMG_7285


Best Orca Photos

We don’t really like to play favourites, but these incredible animals often overshadow some of the other marine wild life that we see. But I am sure you can IMG_1004understand why after seeing some of these pictures! Our best photos seem to come from our 5:00pm tours. The lighting lends itself well to photographs and the whales quite often put on a show. These are our best orca photos so far this summer. I am sure there will be moreĀ IMG_7513to come as August come upon us.




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