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Who We Are

Mike Child

Mike Child

Owner / Operater

Gilakas’la, Nugwa’am T’lakudlas. Gayutlan lax T’sakis, ha Kwakiutl’tlan. Gayutlan lax gukw’was sa gigame Nage’dzi Yatlewatl dlu Mu’ku’xwi’laxw’

Greetings and salutations, my Indian name is T’lakudlas. I am Kwakiutl from the village of Fort Rupert, from the house of Chief ‘Great Mountain’, hereditary Chief George Hunt.

I am privileged to operate within the traditional territory of the Salish People.

About Me

Through the teachings of my grandparents and elders I have always felt drawn to the traditional knowledge of my people. There exists an inherent philosophy of stewardship and respect that manifests in all of the legends, origin stories, and everyday ways of doing things. As a business owner and operator working in the marine environment, these teachings only grow in meaning and significance.

The rich cultural history of coastal First Peoples will always be dependent on a healthy natural environment. Thus, I have always felt a desire to understand and preserve the natural world in all of its diverse forms. These are the reasons why I decided to pursue a company centered on education, awareness, and enjoyment of Orcas and other marine wildlife in coastal BC.


Sidney Whale Watching is a family run company and has been serving Sidney and Saanich Peninsula for over 15 years. Our team loves what we do and we strive to make our tours as memorable as possible. We all agree that there is no better day than one spent out on the water.


We feel a strong bond with whales and all of our marine mammals, our respect for them is the basis for our interest and support in conservation efforts and environmental programs. As stewards of the Salish Sea we believe we have to act now to protect the wildlife and the marine ecosystem that we love. We are happy to contribute to and be a part of the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, The Sierra Club, and The Pacific Salmon Foundation. Donations towards these causes are accepted at our office and are greatly appreciated.

BC Aboriginal Business Awards

2014 Outstanding Business Achiever

Our Vessels

K-Ko (pronounced Kay-ko) is our 30ft walk-around vessel. With the comfort of walking around and getting what ever camera angle you like or just asking a question of the skipper, it is an exceptional viewing platform. We also have the new addition of Emerald Moon our 30ft Zodiac vessel, where you can enjoy unsurpassed proximity to the water and the thrill of an open hull boat.

The vessels, K-Ko and Emerald Moon, are both built to Transport Canada safety standards and designed specifically for wildlife viewing in the Saalish Sea. These crafts are extremely stable and are exceptional platforms for video or still photography and are equipped with hydro phones to listen to the always amazing language of the whales. Both are washroom equipped and comfortably seat 12 passengers.


Our office

Located at #105, 2537 Beacon Avenue in Sidney, our office is open every day from March until November. Guests may phone from 7:00 am until 11:00pm every day including holidays to make reservations or for more information. Please note we are in the Pacific Time zone. While our office may not be open full time in the winter, kayaks are rented out and reservations are taken year round.

Local 250-656-7599

Toll-Free 1-888-656-7599 (Canada and U.S.)

About Sidney Whale Watching
Sidney Whale Watching Logo
Sidney Whale Watching is a family run company and has been serving Sidney for over 15 years. We love what we do and we're positive that you will have a great experience with us.

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2015 Certificate of Excellence Winner

BC Aboriginal Business Awards
2014 Outstanding Business Achiever
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