Philosophy of Stewardship

Through the teachings of his grandparents and elders, Mike Child, owner and operator of Sidney Whale Watching, has always been drawn to the traditional knowledge of his people. He believes that there exists an inherent philosophy of stewardship and respect that manifests in all of the legends, origin stories, and everyday ways of living and knowing. As a business owner and operator working in the marine environment, these teachings have grown exponentially in meaning and significance to him.

The rich cultural history of the Coastal First Peoples will always depend on the continued existence of a healthy natural environment. Mike has always felt the desire to understand and preserve the natural world in all of its diverse forms. It is because of this that Mike felt, and continues to feel, drawn to pursue a company centered on the education, awareness, and enjoyment of Orcas and other marine wildlife in and along our coastal BC waters.

1% for the planet

Marine mammal studies have shown that the single largest factor endangering the Southern Resident Killer Whales is their lack of food. Southern Resident Killer Whales have been known to prey nearly exclusively on South Coast Chinook Salmon during much of the year. With the Chinook Salmon stock in decline, unfortunately as a result, our resident orca population has also been in decline. To assist in the recovery of the Chinook Salmon and the SRKW, Sidney Whale Watching donates 1% of all of our sales to support the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

Conservation fee

We charge a $2 conservation fee with all of our trips. This fee helps directly to support whale conservation in the Salish Sea. 100% of all fees are forwarded directly to the Center for Whale Research, Save our Wild Salmon, and the Whale Museum, Sooke Chinook, Humpback Whale Research.



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