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3 – 3.5 Hour Tour

With Sidney’s moderate climate, protected harbour, calm seas, and beautiful gulf islands right off shore it’s no wonder why Sidney is one of the best places in the world to depart for a whale watching adventure. Sidney is located in the middle of orca whale foraging grounds and is an average of 30 mins closer than any other departure point, which means less travel time and more “whale time”.

What you will see on our tours:

Transient and Resident Orcas (killer whales), Grey whales, Humpback whales, Minke whales, and the occasional Fin whales. We also have dolphins, porpoise, sea lions, seals, river otters, a huge variety of sea birds, and some very exotic land mammals that have been imported to some of the Gulf Islands. You could come on 10 tours and not have time enough to see all of what the Salish Sea has to offer.


Children (16 & Under) $95
Seniors $105
Adults $119


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Whale Sighting Guarantee

We have a 95% sighting rate throughout the year. On the rare occasion that we might not see a whale, you are welcome to join us on another tour free of charge. This offer does not expire!

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Whale Watching Season


March – April

Best for viewing a multitude of waterfowl, bald eagles, baby animals on the islands, Stellar and California Sea Lions. Porpoise are usually starved for attention after being alone all winter. This is also the most common time to see Humpback whales that may be in our area as they make their way north to spend the summer their summers feeding. Mid-April is the start to the Orca watching season.


April – October

One of the Resident Orca families- J pod becomes more predictable in their behaviour frequently swimming between the islands off shore of Sidney more than in the winter months. K & L Pods return to the Islands each year near the end of May or beginning of June, this then allows guests to view up to 80+ Orca whales. This is the time of year when we most consistently see our Resident Orcas in the Salish Sea. Minke whales may also be seen in the summer.


October – November

Sightings of all the animals continue through October and into November. This is another the time of year when we view Humpback whales. They are now migrating south for the winter. Orcas, known as the Southern Residents follow their most common food source salmon that return to spawn in the local rivers each year. While the salmon return from the oceans to spawn so the Orca sighting opportunities increase.

Our Vessels

K-Ko (pronounced Kay-ko) is our 30ft walk-around aluminum vessel. With the comfort of walking around the vessel it provides the ability to get what ever camera angle you like or just asking a question of the skipper, it is an exceptional viewing platform. We also have a 30ft Zodiac vessel, Emerald Moon where you can enjoy unsurpassed proximity to the water and the thrill of an open hull boat.

The vessels, K-Ko and Emerald Moon, are both built to Transport Canada safety standards and designed specifically for wildlife viewing in the Salish Sea. These crafts are extremely stable and are exceptional platforms for video or still photography and are equipped with hydro phones to listen to the amazing language of the whales. Both are washroom equipped and comfortably seat 12 passengers.


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Sidney Whale Watching is a family run company and has been serving Sidney for over 15 years. We love what we do and we're positive that you will have a great experience with us.

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