Awesome Day!

We set off on a beautiful Monday afternoon with a group from England, only to find Harbor Porpoise 5 minutes off the dock. We spent a while with them and headed off towards San Juan Island to find some orca. It wasn’t long until we found some beautiful transient orca, playing and having fun. We saw a few breathtaking breaches that made our day. Lots of great photos were taken by our guests. On the way back we cruised past Mandarte Island to check out the abundance of sea birds. We also saw a bald eagle and some harbor seals; Cute little sea sausages! We also ran into some Dall’s Porpoise. They are so fast we could barely keep up. Amazing to watch them zoom by. All in all, everyone had a great time.


awesome-day-2 awesome-day-3 awesome-day-4

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