New Orca Babies

Baby Boom

At last Spring is here! The sunny skies, warmer weather, and arrival of 4 new resident orca babies in 4 months has us very excited to begin our season. With the announcements of the two new additions to J Pod and the new L pod baby this winter we couldn’t wait to get the boats in the water and start viewing these new babies. The sighting of  another brand new J Pod baby just a few days ago has us even more eager to share our amazing resident orcas with our guests.

First Trip

Orca pod swimming next to the shore

We started off our season with a bang. We met up with J Pod just north of Pender Island and were able to spend a few hours viewing as they made their way through Active Pass and into the Straight of Georgia. We were able to see for the first time J50 and J51 – the newest additions to J Pod (until a few days ago! We haven’t yet be able to get our own picture of J52.) They started to become more active as they made their way through active pass. We were entertained with spyhops, tailing slapping, breaching, and fin waves.

Whales and other wild life

The Gulf Islands and surrounding area has an abundance of wild life to see. As we were travelling with the Resident Oracs, we were able to stop and spend some time with a large group of bald eagles and a group of seals. We spotted 5 or 6 adult eagles and were able to see them flying with another 5 or 6 juvenile bald eagles. Such an amazing sight to see so many of them in one small area. In the same spot we were able to hang out with a small group of seals. The tide was quite high so most of them were just hanging out in the water.  Such a great day out on the water in Sidney. Can’t wait for more!

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