July Whale Update

J Pod Arrives

JumpWe received a great Mother’s Day gift with the arrival of Granny and J Pod in May. They have continued to grace us with their presence over the last two and half months and have provided us with many great photo opportunities and experiences for our guests. They have been joined over the last month by K and L Pods. We look forward to an August as beautiful as July and more opportunities to enjoy the marine life that we encounter in the Salish Sea. We have been very lucky so far this summer and have had only one day in the last 45 days without seeing whales.

Super Pod Days

breachWe always count ourselves lucky whenever we are able to be out on the water during a Super Pod day. Super Pod is what we call it when our three resident orca families (J, K and L) get together to socialize, mate, and generally have a good time. With over 80 whales in the area, they always put on a great show and remind us again why we love our job so much.

Whales and Wine

Saturna Island WineryWe had the privilege of celebrating the marriage of two great people, Ashley and Nick, this past weekend. Nick’s family had come in from England, Korea, and New York for the wedding and Ashley and Nick wanted to show them what we have to offer here in beautiful Sidney, BC. We departed Sidney on a beautiful sunny morning and were able to join up with J and K Pods just off Saturna Island. We were able to spend a few hours watching these amazing animals breaching, spy hopping, tail slapping, and possibly mating! After that was a short trip to Saturna Island Winery where we enjoyed an afternoon of wine tasting, lunch, and great views. An amazing way to celebrate an amazing couple. We wish Ashley and Nick many wonderful years to come and thank them for letting us help celebrate their special day.


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