Orca swimming at sunset

Sunsets and Whales – Best Orcas

Best time for Orcas We often get asked what time of day is best to see whales, and we explain that there isn’t really a “best time” to see whales.…

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Sea lions sunning on the rocks

Best Orca Photos

Best Wild Life Photos We have had so many great photo opportunities with the marine life in the Salish Sea the past two months that we think that it would…

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Orca swimming

July Whale Update

J Pod Arrives We received a great Mother’s Day gift with the arrival of Granny and J Pod in May. They have continued to grace us with their presence over…

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Orca spy hopping

Whales Everywhere!

A lucky group of travellers from Germany were in for a real treat. We had the best possible conditions for this tour, flat calm and beautiful hot sun. We took…

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Orca swimming

Awesome Day!

We set off on a beautiful Monday afternoon with a group from England, only to find Harbor Porpoise 5 minutes off the dock. We spent a while with them and…

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Emerald Sea Adventures tour group out whale watching

27 Transient Orcas!

We had an amazing day with one the largest group of Transient Orca whales ( Marine mammal hunters) that have ever come into these waters. Enjoy!

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Humpback whale breaching

Summer Fun 2013

Some of our guests shots from the summer of 2013, enjoy!! Also, check us out on facebook to see more regular posts.

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Two orcas breaching

Transient Orca Attacks Sea Lion!

Another epic day on the water this spring spent with a small group of transient orca whales hunting and attacking a 2,000 lb steller sea lion!! It was very gruesome…

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